Coming Soon

Development of the first WDS airport has commenced!

Imagery has now been purchased and development has commenced for the WDS launch airport of MBS International (KMBS), Michigan, USA. KMBS will be the first in 'The Great Lakes' series of airports, it's an International class airport, suitable for aircraft of all sizes (air force one has even landed here several times). Located in Freeland, serving the cities of Midland, Bay City and Saginaw, MBS occupies a fantastic location near the shore of lake Huron, and in 2012 opened a brand new state of the art terminal to serve it's growing operations. The airport features 2 runways (8000 feet and 6400 feet) and is a hub for commercial flights to and from Minneapolis, Detroit and Chicago among others.


Over the coming months, The Great Lakes airports will be steadily added to, providing a fantastic choice of departure and arrival locations across 8 US States and 2 Canadian provinces!


More soon on the progress of KMBS



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