About White Digital Simulations

My name is Russ White and for many years I have been an airport developer at Orbx, and a regular on the Orbx forums. Customers of Orbx airports will be familiar with my work from the following titles:


YBBN Brisbane international airport

1WA6 Fall City airport

PAKT Ketchikan international airport

CZST Stewart airport

CYBD Bella Coola airport

EGSG Stapleford Abbots airfield

EGTR Elstree airport

PAJN Juneau international airport

EGML Damyn's Hall aerodrome

PAEN Kenai municipal airport

PAGS Gustavus airport


Since leaving Orbx my focus has been the creation of White Digital Simulations (WDS), a new brand under which I will develop and publish my very own airports and scenery. This is something I am very excited about and am very much looking forward to your support in this new venture.

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