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MBS International Airport (KMBS) Michigan, USA. the launch airport for WDS and the first of 'The Great Lakes' airport series.

'The Great Lakes' airport series marks the first geographical area for which WDS airports will be developed.

HDX technology Pushes the boundaries of visual detail, while 'Core' provides photo-real library objects for each airport scenery.


WDS introduces a logical formula to the development of airport scenery content for flight simulators. Releases will follow a structure in the form of airport 'series', each series will contain a number of airports that compliment each other in a given geographical area.


The first of the airport series is 'The Great Lakes', which will be followed by further series in time. Each series will contain a number of airports, allowing for numerous options for departure and arrival locations within a reasonable flight time of each other. For longer haul flights you could choose to depart from an airport in one series, and land at an airport from another series.


HDX or High Definition eXtreme, is the standard to which every WDS airport is developed, providing the most realistic and immersive detail possible.


WDS is not a publisher for independant developers. Instead, every product is produced in-house, which removes the possibility for fluctuation of standards and features. This ensures each release is consistently high quality, developed to the same standard with the same skill set, using the same technology and implementation.


All WDS products come with a comprehensive control panel enabling you to configure each airport to blend seamlessly with either default scenery or Orbx FTX GLOBAL (with or without VECTOR). This means the photo-real airport ground textures will be completely tailored depending on your selection, so that the airport fits seamlessly with your chosen surrounding environment.


Each WDS release comes in two forms, an FSX version and a P3D version, released and sold seperately. The dedicated Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) version comes with full DX10 mode compliance as standard.  The dedicated P3D version comes with all the extra features supported by Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d (P3D).


Compatibility with other vendors scenery products is also made possible, thanks to the development of an alternative autogen system. This results in WDS airports being free of the requirement to swap autogen files before flights. Just install and fly!


WDS will not be releasing it's products directly through this website, as the overheads involved with facilitating online payments and hosting systems for content distribution would increase the sale price for each airport. so all WDS releases will be available to purchase through a choice of popular online stores, with the savings being passed onto you.


The aim of WDS is to deliver super high quality products at a competitive price, so expect premium content without the premium price tag.


Security measures like software authentication is one way of dealing with the existence of piracy, and is very common with online purchasing. However, this can also be an unwanted source of frustration during a legitimate purchase, especially if there is a problem with the authentication process. I believe in making things as easy as possible for the genuine customer, so WDS releases will have no registration, authentication or anti-piracy measures at all. (except any system in use by your chosen reseller)


I only ask that if you are reading this and have been enjoying pirated WDS products, then please show your support for this work and help continued development by paying the small asking price for legitimate copies. Thank you.

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